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My Birthday Chronicle produces a personalized mini-newspaper front page, including graphics, that will be treasured for years. No special paper is required. The printout includes a greeting, by name, from the then-President of the United States, plus newspaper headlines and stories from the recipient's year of birth. Combining nostalgia and history, people celebrating their birthdays can look back at the world as it was on the day they were born. Every date back to Jan 01, 1900.

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05.25 Today's Famous Birthdays

1803 : Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, philosopher
1847 : John Alexander Dowie, (Elijah the Restorer), American evangelist
1865 : John R. Mott, worked in internat'l church movements (Nobel 1946)
1886 : Philip Murray, founder of Congress of Industrial Organizations
1889 : Igor Sikorsky, developed a working helicopter
1898 : Bennett Cerf, publisher
1898 : Gene Tunney, world heavyweight boxing champion (1926-30)
1917 : Theodore Hesburgh, ex-president of Notre Dame
1918 : Claude Aikins, Actor
1925 : Jeanne Crain, in Barstow Calif
1926 : Miles Davis, trumpeter, pioneered cool jazz (Porgy and Bess)
1927 : Robert Ludlum, spy novelist
1929 : Beverly Sills, in Brooklyn NY, soprano
1932 : Georgi M. Grechko, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 17, 26, T-14)
1935 : Barbara Harris, in Illinois
1943 : Leslie Uggams, singer NYC
1947 : Karen Valentine, in Santa Rosa California
1947 : Jessi Colter, in Phoenix Arizona
1955 : Connie Sellecca, in Bronx

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05.25 Today in History

1085 : St Gregory VII - pope (1073-85) - dies (birth date unknown)
1787 : Constitutional Convention convenes in Philadelphia
1810 : Argentina declares independence from Napoleonic Spain (Nat'l Day)
1825 : American Unitarian Assn founded
1927 : Henry Ford stops producing Model T car (begins Model A)
1935 : Babe Ruth hits his last 3 home runs - Boston Braves vs Pirates
1940 : Golden Gate Intl Exposition reopens
1945 : Arther C Clark proposes relay satellites in geosynchronous orbit
1946 : Jordan gains independence from Britain (Natl Day)
1948 : SF receives its 1st telecast
1950 : Bkln-Battery Tunnel opened in NYC
1953 : 1st atomic cannon electronically fired - Frenchman Flat - Nevada
1953 : 1st noncommercial educational television station - Houston - Texas
1961 : JFK sets goal of putting a man on moon
1963 : African Unity Day
1963 : Org for African Unity formed
1973 : US launches 1st Skylab crew Kerwin - Conrad - Weitz
1978 : Star Wars released
1979 : Israel begins to return Sinai to Egypt
1983 : Return of the Jedi (Star Wars 3) released

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