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08.02 Today's Famous Birthdays

1744 : Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, believed in inheritance of acquired traits
1770 : William Clark, explored Pacific Northwest with Lewis
1779 : Francis Scott Key, wrote 'Star-Spangled Banner'
1815 : Richard Henry Dana, spent 2 years before mast
1818 : Maria Mitchell, America's 1st woman astronomer on Nantucket Island
1819 : Herman Melville, American author (Moby Dick, Billy Budd)
1922 : Arthur Hill, Actor (Defenders, Andromeda Strain)
1933 : Dom DeLuise, comedian, Actor (End)
1936 : Yves Saint-Laurent, fashion designer
1942 : Karen Black, in Illinois, Actress
1944 : Yuri V. Romanenko, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 26, 38)
1973 : Tempestt Bledsoe, (Cosby Show)

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08.02 Today in History

1291 : Everlasting League forms basis of Swiss Confederation (Nat'l Day)
1584 : Swiss Confederation Day
1753 : Lammas Day
1785 : Caroline Herschel becomes 1st woman discoverer of a comet
1789 : US Customs begins enforcing Tariff Act
1790 : 1st US census
1794 : Whiskey Rebellion
1798 : Battle of Nile
1852 : SF Methodists establish 1st black church Zion Methodist
1869 : 1st voyage down Colorado River
1876 : Colorado becomes 38th state
1881 : US Quarantine Station authorized for Angel Island SF Bay
1901 : Burial within SF City limits prohibited
1903 : 1st coast-to-coast automobile trip (SF-NY) completed
1907 : Bank of Italy opens 1st branch at 3433 Mission Street SF
1916 : Hawaii Natl Park established
1946 : Pres Truman establishes Atomic Energy Commission
1950 : Guam Territory created
1953 : Cal introduces it's Sales Tax (for Education)
1957 : 1st coml building heated by sun Albuquerque NM
1958 : 1st Class postage up to 4 cents (had been 3 cents for 26 years)
1960 : Benin (Dahomey) gains independence from France
1961 : New SF Hall of Justice opens
1966 : Charles Whitman climbs U of Texas tower & shoots 12 dead
1971 : CBS presents 6 Wives of Henry VIII
1973 : Munson & Fisk get into a brawl at Fenway Park
1975 : Helsinki Pact guaranteeing boundaries rights signed by 35 nations
1975 : Billy Martin replaces Bill Virdon as manager
1981 : MTV premiers

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