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My Birthday Chronicle produces a personalized mini-newspaper front page, including graphics, that will be treasured for years. No special paper is required. The printout includes a greeting, by name, from the then-President of the United States, plus newspaper headlines and stories from the recipient's year of birth. Combining nostalgia and history, people celebrating their birthdays can look back at the world as it was on the day they were born. Every date back to Jan 01, 1900.

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11.17 Today's Famous Birthdays

1503 : Il Bronzino, Florentine painter
1587 : Joost van den Vondel, Dutch poet, dramatist
1717 : Jean d'Alembert, French mathematician, scientist, philosopher
1755 : Louis XVIII, 1st post-revolutionary king of France (1814-24)
1790 : August Ferdinand Mobius, mathematician, inventor of Mobius strip
1799 : Titian Ramsey Peale, American artist, naturalist
1887 : Viscount Montgomery, Field Marshal of Alamein in Moville, Ireland
1890 : Jack Cusack, pioneer in pro football, with Canton Bulldogs
1904 : Isamu Noguchi, sculptor
1925 : Rock Hudson, in Winnetka, Ill, (Pillow Talk, A Farewell to Arms)
1930 : Bob Mathias, Olympian-turned-politician
1937 : Peter Cook, British Actor, comedian
1938 : Gordon Lightfoot, folksinger
1942 : Martin Scorsese, director (Mean Streets, NY, NY)
1943 : Lauren Hutton, in SC, model, Actress (American Gigolo, Lassiter)
1944 : Tom Seaver, (NY Met Pitcher)
1944 : Danny DeVito, Actor (Taxi, Ruthless People)
1945 : Elvin Hayes, NBA star
1961 : Merette Von Kemp, in Denmark

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11.17 Today in History

1558 : Elizabeth I ascends English throne upon death of Queen Mary
1734 : John Peter Zenger newspaper editor arrested for libel against NY colonial governor; later acquitted
1800 : Congress held 1st session in Washington
1853 : Street signs authorized at SF intersections
1869 : Suez Canal opens
1884 : Cops arrest John L Sullivan in 2nd round for being "cruel"
1913 : Panama Canal opens
1917 : Sculptor August Rodin died in Meudon France
1934 : Lyndon B Johnson marries Claudia Alta Taylor
1940 : Green Bay Packers become 1st NFL team to travel by plane
1948 : Britain's House of Commons voted to nationalize steel industry
1956 : fullback Jim Brown Syracuse scores 43 pts (NCAA rec) vs. Colgate
1962 : Dulles Intl Airport outside Wash DC dedicated by Pres Kennedy
1968 : Heidi bowl-NBC misses Oakland rally to beat Jets 43-32
1970 : Russia lands unmanned remote-controlled vehicle on Moon
1973 : Pres Nixon told AP "...people have got to know whether or not their pres is a crook. Well I'm not a crook."
1977 : Egyptian Pres Sadat formally accepts invitation to visit Israel
1982 : S Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim was legally declared dead
1984 : Islanders scored 20 assists against Rangers

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